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Developer Dilmanc Team

Dilmanc 2.5 is a program that translates texts automatically. It was not the author intention to create an exact translation system ...


Developer Leonardo García

Dev-PHP is an IDE for PHP. It provides you with the ability to write and edit multiple PHP files and ...

Coptic Fonts

Developer &

Coptic fonts 1.0 is an installer for the Coptic Standard fonts containing the letters from all dialects ...

Universal Editor

Developer Kamban Software

Universal Editor 0.8 is a program developed by Kamban Software that allows you to type in multiple Indian Languages and that also includes ...

Introduction to CSharp Programming Language

Developer Microsoft

“Introduction to C# Programming Language” is an easy and fun way to get started with C# language. A ...

Microsoft Office IME 2010 (Traditional Chinese)

Developer Microsoft

Once you have installed the Global IME and started the Office XP program you want to type in, you can use the ...

Bettergrades English Workout

Developer Bettergrades

English Workout is an extraordinary way to practice and improve your English skills. Whether you are a native English ...

Introduction to Visual Basic 2005

Developer MSDN

Introduction to Visual Basic is Complete Lesson Package, which contains Article, Project code files and Video. It ...


Developer MCoP

Photographer is a program to capture photo, and record video from screen. You can capture desktop, a rectangle, a control, or an area ...

Teaching-you French

Developer Focus Multimedia

Always dreamt of speaking a foreign language? Then why not start today! Teaching-you French gives you all the tools ...



NetDuster is a program to scan, clean and optimize the PC performance. The program can be run in English ...

BibleMax James Murdock NT Bible

Developer BibleMax

BibleMax add-in featuring James Murdock's Literal Translation of the Whole New Testament from the Anicient Syriac Version. As with ...

Digital Indicators Generator

Developer Finware Technologies Ltd.

The program Digital Indicators Generator is a program implementing synthesis algorithm of digital FIR-filte


Developer Author - M. Onyshchuk

PhotoCDBrowser is program for creation and viewing of archives in TIFF, JPEG, P?X, TGA, EPS formats. ...

Language Creator

Developer M Products

Language Creator is a simple, powerful way to add custom scripting to any program. A basic C parser and interpreter is included, and ...